Looking for Trade Pricing?

Our trade pricing system is for all customers.

How does it work?

A traditional trade discount will give you a fixed saving. With the FabCo bulk buy discount, you save more when you buy more. 

It’s quick and simple to place your order via our online store. No messy back and forth emails and there are great savings for all trade customers small or large.

What can you Save?

Each item has a percentage discount applied when you buy more. 

Bulk buy discounts for bends, flanges and flexis are:

Buy 5 – 10 get 10% discount
Buy 11 – 19 get 20% discount
Buy 20+ get 30% discount

Discounts for silencers are:

Buy 2+ Get 15% discount

See individual components for other savings.

Simply add the quantity to the cart and you will see your savings. 

Why bulk discounts for trade?

We don’t believe in exclusive or hidden discounts just for those who ask.

We think every fabricator, small or large, should be entitled to the same savings and get the best deal. 

Save on shipping by buying in bulk

Shipping is now weight based. This means based on the amount of components you buy and their overall weight, will determine shipping costs. We try to remain competitive with a premium courier. The weights of all products will be available to see on each product page. There will also be a calculator for total weight at the cart. We can offer better rates on larger orders.